ECOSESSIONS: Fashion x Climate Climate Week NYC 2017

ECOSESSIONS Fashion x Climate 2017

ECOSESSIONS: Fashion x Climate

Climate Week NYC 2017


Climate Week NYC 2017 was held from September 18th to 24th.


From seminars to concerts, Climate Week NYC gives collaborative spaces for climate-related events in support of the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. According to Climate Week NYC, last year’s summit was host to more than 100 affiliate events!


To learn about the relationship between fashion and climate, and also what we can do to make a change, I joined ECOSESSIONS: Fashion x Climate last Wednesday morning.


Climate Week NYC Fashion x Climate Panelists



Kate Black, Founder of Magnifeco and EcoSessions

PANELISTS (from left)

Maxine Bédat, co-founder and CEO of Zady

Vanessa Rothschild, Sustainability Business Controller at H&M

Mara Hoffman, designer, the president and creative director of Mara Hoffman

Nate Aden, Senior Fellow with World Resource Institute (WRI)’s Business Center and WRI Climate Program


Topic included what they focused as a brand, what should change first, and what consumers can do.


Bédat from ZADY is creating clothing that will last long and excites you over years. She focused on the material first for her collection, and states that soil is one of the important element in the process of making clothing and the environment.

Soil performs a set of functions that form the literal underpinning of life on earth

・The soil is a medium that facilitates the growth of plant life

・Provides a habitat for a countless number of organisms

・Regulates, stores, and filters water and air

・Acts a reactor or recycler that allows for the transformation and release of raw materials

・Serves as our foundation

  – ZADY

Learn more about the facts of fashion and soil from here: THE NEW STANDARD

She advices not to feel too much pressure, start from what you can, and enjoy it!


Rothschild from H&M said not just the consumer, but also manufacture has responsibility to the climate. H&M group is planning to have a climate positive value change by 2040. I believe many of the attendees were questioning why does it take so long. Rothschild answers, it takes time since H&M group has many brands including H&M and Cheap Monday. It will be mostly done by 2030, but it is planned to be completed by 2040.

One of their plan is to have solar panels on roofs of all the factories.




Aden from World Resources Institute mentioned two major factors in fashion that are affecting the environment.

1. Manufacturing process of clothing

2. How consumer takes care of their clothing


It’s easy to imagine a huge amount of energy is used during the manufacturing process, but I was surprised that how we take care our clothing also matters.

So when are we using energy? Mainly laundry. When we use laundry machine, it uses a lot of water. If you choose “Hot” it uses more energy to heat up the water.

He advices to find an alternative way to keep your clothing clean. For example washing fewer times, put your jeans in a ziplock and freeze it.


Hoffman from Mara Hoffman focused on material first. For her collections, she uses organic cotton and recycled material. For example, ECONYL®, 100% regenerated nylon fibre made from fishnets and other nylon waste, Polyester made from post consumer recycled polymers, Organic Cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Learn more about their approach from here: MARA HOFFMAN Approach

She advices to take a good care of everything we purchase, and reduce the frequency of laundry.


When you look at the negative side of fashion and make too many limitations, it could be stressful. It’s the best to look at the positive side, start from what you can, and enjoy choosing, wearing, and taking good care of what you love!


By us consumer’s change, I hope there will be more options for sustainably made products near future!




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