Marie Claire Sustainablity Issue

Marie Claire fashioning the FUTURE 1

Marie Claire Sustainability Issue


Starting from a color Greenery chosen as a trend color of the year of 2017, it seems like the number of products and articles related to sustainability is increasing especially this year.


Marie Claire US published their August issue as The Sustainability Issue. This issue covered broad from fashion to beauty.

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Actor Emma Watson, Designer Stella McCartney, Eco Age founder Livia Firth, and many more people’s thoughts and activities are featured in this issue.


Trends in fashion may come and go, but taking care and being mindful of the environment is one trend that defies all seasons
– Lindsay Talbot


Marie Claire fashioning the FUTURE 2


Unfortunately, United States is one of the few country that have not signed on to take action in the global climate effort. However, because of this, people started to connect and stand up to be a part of the solution.


I’m also part of the solution, introducing clothing that are made with eco friendly fabrics in a sustainable way, introducing ways to make your closet full only with what you love, and suggesting an eco conscious life with style as a Personal Style Consultant.



Let’s find your personal fashion style and shop consciously with style together!

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Some articles from Marie Claire Sustainability Issue :Marie Claire The Sustainability Issue

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