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PACKAGE FREE : Zero Waste Lifestyle shop dedicated to making low waste living simple


Started as a pop up shop, PACKAGE FREE reopened as a permanent shop in Williamsburg on October.

PACKAGE FREE is a zero waste lifestyle shop founded by two pioneers of zero waste movement Lauren Singer and Daniel Silverstein.


You may know Lauren Singer as a Woman who fits her trash in a single Mason jar .


This mason jar is over four years of my trash. It has been an amazing journey and I am still learning everyday new ways to reduce my waste. I believe that anyone, regardless of who they are, what they do, how much money they have, or what they believe in, can take simple steps to reduce their waste. And it’s not just individuals, or families, or communities. Businesses too can reduce their waste to go Zero Waste. My company, The Simply Co., is committed to zero waste, and now certain facilities of even larger companies, like @Ford, are doing the same. Ford announced that their Rogue Center is now zero waste to landfill, which reduced their landfill waste by more than 14 million each year. I hope more companies can take steps to reduce their waste and contribute to a more sustainable future. #ad #butseriouslythisisawesome

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On her website Trash Is For Tossers, she is sharing easy ways to live a zero waste lifestyle from cleaning to dining.


Daniel Silverstein is a founder and designer of zero waste daniel. Clothing of zero waste daniel is made with 100% fabric scraps.

(You may also find his brand in an article of  NY Japion “Personal Style Consultant Asuka Ohkuma – Recommending Sustainable Fashion through Personal Styling: How to shop Sustainably” (Japanese article))

From simple tops to wedding dress, his collection will always excite you!

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PACKAGE FREE is found by these two wonderful & creative people.

This is a perfect shop to start/continue a waste less living!




Location: 137 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11249



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