“Can fashion save the planet?” River Blue Film Screening in NYC


RIVER BLUE the movie

Photo: riverbluethemovie.eco

“Can fashion save the planet?” River Blue Film Screening in NYC


On World Water Day March 22nd, 2017, there was a documentary film “River Blue” film screening at Brooklyn Fashion Design Accelerator (BFDA) to think about water and fashion.

River Blue Film Screening at BFDA

At the entrance of BFDA, they always have a display of sustainably made clothing I always enjoy to see.


RIVER BLUR the Movie Photo: bkaccelerator.com


Tanning, jeans dying and working environment, water pollution was the topic of the movie “River Blue”.

From the movie, I reacknowledged that it is dangerous to keep using the present system and made me think what I can do.


I thought it might be a heavy story because of the theme, but solutions with latest technology was introduced in the film and it gave me a hope for fashion and the future.

This movie ensured that manufactures and us, consumers can change the world together in a good way.

River Blue Film Screening Guest Talk NY

RIVER BLUE director Roger Williams and Riverkeeper president Paul Gallay were here for discussion.

What made me think the most is a story about a film screening of this film at a big name brand as an education for sustainability. People in the high position left the room as soon as the screening end. They are the ones who needs to face the fact the most, but it seems like they want to cover their eyes and ears from reality.

The director hopes the brands to understand that there is a way to make a better system for the environment and make a benefit at the same time.



What can we do right now?

The first big step is appreciate the clothing you own.

I used to think owning many clothing on trend is good when I was a teenager. You might have a similar experience. We can’t change the fact that we over purchased, but what we do after noticing the false of over buy is what it’s important.

If you decide to buy clothing that only enhances your beauty, I believe you will love what you own more than before. Why not give it a try?