Wardrobe Organizing


I almost cancelled my appointment with Asuka to help me organize my closet. Honestly, I was ashamed at the disorganization of my closet, and my life in general. The truth was, I have always struggled with humility, which is one of the reasons I have found myself in an unmanageable place into my early 40s.

Asuka could not have been more gracious, or have made me feel more at ease. She didn’t judge my closet or lifestyle whatsoever. I had no idea how to organize my closet. I had never been shown. And true, it wasn’t a priority. I had no idea what I was missing.

Asuka spent the next four hours examining all the pieces of my wardrobe in my closet and in storage. She helped me reflect on each piece, encouraging me to be honest about the usefulness of each item in my life. I let go of items I had been holding onto for years. Somehow, this process was much easier with permission and collaboration from someone I trusted.

After the appointment was over, I felt an incredible sense of lightness and relief, and it occurred to me that clothes, organization, style and expression mean a lot to me.

I looked back at my closet and saw not only just an organized space, but an important part of my life that reflects what I like, what I find important and how I communicate to the world non-verbally. Gratitude filled my heart.

The next day, for the first time in years, I had fun getting dressed.

– Ms. D