The ARCADE JAPAN – New concept store brings Made in Japan to NYC

The ARCADE JAPAN Pop-up store NYC

The ARCADE JAPAN – New concept store brings Made in Japan to NYC


The ARCADE JAPAN, a new concept store of Made in Japan, is showcasing 20 designers at a pop-up shop in SoHo.

When you walk in to the store, you will notice a white decor on the ceiling, giving a warm atmosphere of an arcade in Japan with a bright sunlight.

One of the unique find is a collection from “Ku8uri” made from Washi. Washi (和紙) is a traditional Japanese paper often used for Japanese calligraphy. Washi fabric is light weight and breathable. It is made with the same natural fiber as the paper Washi(和紙). (Photo is a back side of long sleeve turtle neck blouse)

KU8URI Washi Longsleeve White


Upcycled denim accessories from “Letters” is another unique find. This laptop case is functional and could be used as a clutch bag.

letters Upcycled Denim laptop case


Letters Upcycled Denim Neckwear

Photo: Lettres upcycled denim tie, upcycled corduroy tie

Everything from Letters is made by hand, and colors of used denim makes each item one of a kind.


From brass key organizer to scarves hand dyed with a traditional dyeing technique, you will find a variety of items at this store.

Stop by to experience the warm arcade atmosphere and find handcrafted items with stories at The ARCADE JAPAN!



251 Elizabeth St, NY

Hours: 11am-8pm

*Receive 10% OFF at register with promo code “NEW10” !

Opened as a pop-up store until SAT 12/24, 2017

(Please check the next schedule by visiting their website)



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